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All health experts agree, fruits and vegetables are an important part to maintaining a healthy weight & preventing disease and infection. Research consistently emphasizes that people need to eat more fruits and vegetables to improve their chances of living long and healthy lives.

Scientists learn more every day about the nutritional power, packed into every tomato, cranberry, and piece of broccoli. For instance, 1 cup of broccoli contains more available calcium than 1 cup of milk and dark leafy kale helps protect against breast and prostate cancer and prevents macular degeneration.  Amazing discoveries are found everyday in fruits and vegetables. 

Unfortunately, most people do not get adequate servings of different, fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables daily, in order to benefit from their healthy effects.  Additionally, when you sit down to eat your dinner salad, you get a false sense of security because many fruits and vegetables have been sprayed with pesticides and toxic fertilizers and have been genetically modified.  These industrialized "farming" practices generate greater yields of produce with harmful health consequences that we are only beginning to uncover.

For those who already supplement their poor diet with a multi-vitamin, you may be surprised to know certain vitamins are a waste of money.  It's estimated that up to 90% of the vitamins and minerals from a multi-vitamin are not absorbed by your body.  So, literally you're flushing your money down the drain. 


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